Schools across the region to adopt newly created Iftah Ya Simsim Education Toolkit for the 2015/16 scheme

Accredited by the GCC’s Ministries of Education, this fun learning initiative

comprises of educational books and videos, which aims at propelling Arabic

education in the region
UAE, 24 August 2015: Iftah Ya Simsim, the Arabic Educational TV show for children aged 4-6 years, has created a fun learning toolkit which has been developed with the support of the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC). Accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education (MoE) and Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States (ABEGS), the creative kit will be distributed exclusively amongst schools and education professionals across the gulf region in time with the ‘Back to School’ season in August.

The toolkit, which will be given to over 10,000 teachers, principals of schools, and a copy for general use in the library, comprises a large children’s reading and activity book, teacher training educational video and over 70 children’s learning activity sheets. Creation of this educational toolkit is in line with this commitment that aims to further facilitate the growing need for modern, holistic and exciting learning techniques to develop an interest in, and imbibe Arabic language and culture among the region’s children. Schools across the region will include this toolkit as a key part of their academic scheme for the primary classes.


Highlighting the need and potential efficacy of the toolkit, Director General of ABEGS, Dr. Al Ali Karni said, “This is a worthy endeavor that we are proud to support as we have tremendous confidence in its reach, and effect in helping Arab children enjoy the process of learning within the classroom environment”.

Lending immense support to, and enabling the circulation of this toolkit among schools in the emirates, Dr. Amal Al Qubaisi, Director General of Abu Dhabi Educational Council adds, “Creating an environment that encourages children to become passionate about learning both in an out of the classroom has been at the forefront of our endeavors. Iftah Ya Simsim education toolkit is a value that’s shared by Bidaya Media as they go above and beyond television and entertainment to reach out to children with entertaining yet educational content. This is an initiative that has our full backing”.


Training workshops have also been conducted for education professionals across schools in the region, to train them on how to effectively navigate and use the contents of the toolkit. This will then be targeted at children in Kindergarten and Grade 1. Bidaya Media, the children’s education content development company that has been established specifically to produce the new Iftah Ya Simsim has been the driving force behind the push for such change. Commenting on the initiative, Managing Director Dr. Cairo Arafat concluded, “Iftah Ya Simsim isn’t just a children’s show. It is the driving force of a larger educational plan that transcends the physical boundaries to develop a genuine interest in learning among children, and to encourage Arab children in the region to actively pursue the learning of their own mother-tongue. With the support our key educational partners such as ADEC, MoE and ABEGS, we are now able reach out to classrooms to add fun content to their curriculum to ensure holistic development by impacting the child’s social, cognitive, emotional and physical well-being.”


Spreading their tentacles to positively affect various aspects of the Gulf child’s life, Iftah Ya Simsim continues to strive to ensure a burgeoning appetite for the regions heritage, culture and language among its youth.

Amjad DesaiSchools across the region to adopt newly created Iftah Ya Simsim Education Toolkit for the 2015/16 scheme

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