Environmental safety

Bidaya Media’s projects include “Our environment. Our friend”, it aspires children to engage with fun learning materials that actively encourage them to take actions to support a clean, healthy and sustainable environment. It also encourages them to pursue education and careers that will support environmental studies and initiatives in the future.

Educating UAE children early to help address the environmental issues facing the UAE:

  • Rapid urbanization and industrialization
  • Lack of fresh water sources
  • Desertification
  • Unsustainable ecological footprint (high consumerism and expenditure of natural resources)
  • Impact of climate change

By educating children early to use become “conservation” experts and use water and natural resources in a sustainable and ecologically appropriate manner is important for the long term development of the country. Helping children to understand the importance of proper waste management, reduction of consumeristic behaviors, and supporting environment preservation are key objectives of this outreach program.

In this second season, IftahYaSimsim will target “STEAM” and Values as its key curricular objectives. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. We have also included key values that we believe are essential for children to become active and social members of their community including – self-respect and respect for others, teamwork, cooperation, sharing, discipline/perseverance, and initiative. A key learning outcome of Season 2 focuses on encouraging children’s appreciation, respect and active involvement in protecting, preserving and supporting a pollution free and healthy

environment.  This is a right that all children should have, but it is also a responsibility and duty that they should play an active role in achieving and sustaining. A clean, healthy and sustainable environment is a prerequisite that supports children and their communities overall physical and mental health well-being. In our new season, the lovable Cookie Monster (Kaaki) will join his friends on IftahYaSimsim. And surprise – Elmo also joins us in the new season. He, No’man and Shams are best of friends and will work together as a team to help children learn to respect, protect and improve their environment.