Arabic Literacy

“Arabic, Our Language … Our Pride”

Learning and teaching Arabic are one of the basic elements of education in the Arab Gulf, as the language is closely linked to religion and culture and learning it promotes a sense of patriotism, affiliation and pride. Furthermore, the appropriate learning and mastering of Arabic contributes significantly to the acquisition of other languages while remaining the first language… the Mother tongue.

Believing in the importance of playing a key active role in reinforcing the sense of pride of the region’s children, and in the right of every Gulf and Arab child to learn their native language at the highest level, Bidaya Media has worked on the “Arabic, Our Language… Our Pride”. The initiative aims at offering effective support to the promotion of Arabic among children in the Gulf and to the consolidation of its presence, in terms of form, content, and the stakeholders’ partners in the project. It centers around the participation of children guided by experts specialized in Arabic education in the Gulf.

The project targets children aged 0 to 8 years old as difficulties learning Arabic can start from an early age if no measures are taken.

The project will work on adopting innovative entertaining teaching methods by simplifying the language and communicating the necessary knowledge and skills to children in diversified, simple and enjoyable ways. The educational themes included in the project will be appropriate, attractive and thrilling, in addition to being linked to children’s reality, needs and current circumstances.