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The Bidaya Media team comprises experts in education, psychology, media and information technology who utilize imagery and audio-visual effects to effectively communicate educational messages and objectives to young children.

Board Of Directors

H.E. Maryam Eid AlMheiri Chairwoman - Chief Executive Officer, Media Zone Authority – Abu Dhabi and twofour54

H.E. Maryam is responsible for leading Abu Dhabi Media Authority's strategic agenda to build a sustainable media industry that contributes to the economic and cultural development of Abu Dhabi, as well as position the Emirate as a regional focus for global media and entertainment


Mohammed, a seasoned strategist, serves as one of the pivotal decision-makers on Bidaya Media’s board. He is Senior Advisor for Mubadala’s Special Projects department, leading the team with wide-ranging responsibilities such as asset management and strategic counsel to leadership. Mohammed’s background makes him an important player in Bidaya as the company works to become a leader in children’s television in the MENA region.

Rashed Al Harmoodi Board Member

Rashed is responsible for building and promoting Mubadala’s corporate brand. He is also the Executive Producer and creator of Mansour Cartoon, a modern Emirati cartoon that encourages children towards leadership. Rashed’s keen corporate insight and cultural integrity make him an invaluable asset to Bidaya’s brand and GCC-wide ambitions.


Hind Al Qassimi BOARD MEMBER

Hind is responsible for managing Mubadala’s Government Affairs and International Relations. Given her previous background in Corporate Training & Human Development, Hind is particularly keen to contribute towards child development and promote a quality-driven media content for young children in UAE and the Arab world.

Our Team


Nabil works jointly as the CEO of Bidaya Media and the Senior Vice President in Mubadala Investment Company. Nabil’s vast experience in business transformations, business development and corporate restructuring make him an asset to the growing company. He has plans to take Bidaya Media into new heights as it evolves its content strategy and expands its production capabilities.

Dr. Cairo Arafat Senior Advisor

Cairo is an advisor and has been involved in children’s programming and development for over 30 years. She has over 15 years of experience working with the Sesame Workshop. She worked with UNICEF and Save the Children to create early childhood, counseling, special needs and safe play spaces and venues for children growing up in conflict and difficult circumstances. She supports Bidaya Media’s team in creating educational and entertainment content that will support children in reaching their full potential and becoming tomorrow’s visionaries.


Fatima is responsible for supporting the development of education and language curriculum that is the foundation for all content development. She has over 15 years of academic and governmental experience in teaching and creating Arabic language programs and curricula as part of the Arabic Language Department at UAEU and the Ministry of Education. She supports the team in creating content that will enhance children’s well-being, development and love of Arabic language, culture and values.

Rula Khadra Research & Educational Outreach Manager

Rula is an education and counseling specialist who supports the content creation for outreach programs. She has over 15 years experience in educational media and many more of conducting research and supports evidence based formative research to ensure all of our programs are assessed for learning and entertainment value and impact. Rula is a key designer of the educational curriculum for our programs and supports inclusion of children’s voice and talent in the Iftah ya Simsim programming.

Ammar Al Sabban Creative Content Manager | Master Pupeteer

Ammar is the creative dynamo of the company. He is a master puppeteer (Kaaki and Gargur), puppet builder, writer and voice actor. He supports the team in developing the creative content of the Iftah Ya Simsim show. He has a background in architecture and design which supports his “creative eye” in production and helps round out and harmonize visual and storytelling creativity.

Diala Ojjeh Office and Production Manager

Diala supports the smooth functioning of the office and is the leading logistical support for production. She provides administrative management and social and business networking with our partners.


Amr is a multimedia designer who contributes his visual and digital creativity to all aspects of our work from designing documents to creating new character designs and settings. His expertise in the use of digital media and his strength as an artist allows for unique and innovative artwork.

Abdullah Rafaah Puppeteer| Content Creator

Abdullah is a creative talent and puppeteer for Elmo, an actor, singer, and voice actor. He is responsible for dubbing and creating new content for social media and performs in many of Iftah Ya Simsim events throughout the region.

IMANE SALEM Public Relations and Communications Officer

Imane plays a key role in keeping the public informed and up to date on the company’s initiatives. She manages media relations, government – private sector partnerships and sponsorships.

DUHA HAIFAWI Puppeteer | Social Media Officer

Duha is multi-talented and is the puppeteer for Shams and a voice actor and singer. She is also responsible for social media management and works on reaching out to the public with informative and entertaining social media posts and engagement.

MUSTAFA SHAKEEB Finance Director

Mustafa services the company through providing financial planning oversight for office and production budgets. He supports the different departments in developing their budgets and provides monitoring and supervision on budget execution.

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