Educational Advisory Council

Bidaya is supported by an Education Advisory Council (EAC) that plays a key role in recommending partners and stakeholders and networks that should be included within the program and support Bidaya In establishing and maintaining multidisciplinary partnerships and working partners. EAC includes education and media experts, public and private business representatives, as well as government and non-governmental representatives. The function of EAC is to provide independent and external advice to the Bidaya education staff in effective delivery of Iftah Ya Simsim educational content. The EAC is composed of 15 members who are requested (pro bono) to provide review and feedback on program deliverables related to assuring the integrity of the project’s educational mission.

Noura Al Kaabi CEO, Twofour54

Noura Al Kaabi is the Chief Executive Officer of the Media Zone Authority-Abu Dhabi (twofour54), a Government initiative to develop sustainable media and creative industries for the UAE and for the region. Noura leads the Media Zone Authority and its subsidiaries, whose primary objectives are to foster Arab-focused media and digital businesses in the UAE.

Sara Salhab Empower, Mubadala

Working in the field of organizational development in a business transformation capacity. Operating in a system that is dependent on people to function and focusing on the human element to financially turnaround an organization. This could be achieved in general management roles, as well as functional specific roles.

Amina Taher Communications professional (Mubadala)

Prior to joining Mubadala, she held the position of Executive Director of Corporate Communications at Zabeel Investments, where in addition to managing the corporate brand & the communications department, she founded Bidaya, an education & leadership programme for young UAE nationals.

Dr. Ali Al Karni Director, ABEGS`

Dr Ali Al-Karni, the Director General of the Arab Bureau for Education in GulfStates (ABEGS), opened here today a meeting of experts who are scheduled to discuss information culture for students of the general education in ABEGS member states.

Ali Hassan Al Rayes General Manager, Gulf

Mr. Ali Al Rayes is a Kuwaiti national who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Cinema and Media from Oregon State University and currently works for the Ministry of Information- Kuwait TV.

Dr. Omniyat Al Hajri Director of Public Health and Research. Health authority Abu Dhabi

A Physician with a passion for saving lives, currently in love with administration as it gives her the ability to full her passion of saving lives and helping others. Omniyat has been raised and trained to pursue excellence and seek the best for her county and the people she lives.

Sultan Al Amimi Director, Poetry Academy

Director of the Poet’s Academy at the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage(ADACH). He is a nationally renowned critic, poet and researcher who has written a number of award winning story collections including “Page 79 of My Diary” and “The Apple of Entering Paradise.”

Dr. Masood Badri Head of Research, Planning and Performance Management, Abu Dhabi Education Council

Professor Masood Badri’s experience extends to more than 27 years in different sectors such as research, business administration and Applied Mechanics engineering. He is currently serving as the director of Research, Planning and Performance Management in Abu Dhabi Education Council, since 2009.

Dr. Cairo Arafat Senior Advisor

Cairo is an advisor and has been involved in children’s programming and development for over 30 years. She has over 15 years of experience working with the Sesame Workshop. She worked with UNICEF and Save the Children to create early childhood, counseling, special needs and safe play spaces and venues for children growing up in conflict and difficult circumstances. She supports Bidaya Media’s team in creating educational and entertainment content that will support children in reaching their full potential and becoming tomorrow’s visionaries.

Dr. Karima AlMazroui Arabic Curriculum Section Manager, Abu Dhabi Education Council

Dr. Almazroui is currently the curriculum division manager in Abu Dhabi Education Council. Her current job includes design, implement, evaluate ADEC curriculum for public schools and lead the reform in that area. Some of the great curriculum initiatives are Abu Dhabi Reads to support reading in all AD schools.

Amjad DesaiAdvisory Committee