About us

Guided by our belief in the importance of preserving Arab heritage and in promoting the Arabic language, we represent an environment that fosters care, creativity, and diversity, while focusing on empowering the Gulf Region’s next generation. A key project in the Bidaya Media portfolio is the development of the “Iftah Ya Simsim” educational television series in Abu Dhabi. Iftah Ya Simsim is based on the popular Sesame Street program created by Sesame Workshop, and it is an extension of their work in the Gulf region.

Our Vision

Bidaya Media is a leading Middle East not for profit company that develops cutting edge, innovative, multimedia educational content that is locally driven, stimulating and entertaining for children and youth in the Gulf and Arab world. Bidaya Media aims to contribute to Gulf countries by helping children develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to become vocal, innovative, and productive members of society.

Our Mission

Bidaya Media is the leading producer of innovative, inclusive and educationally relevant multimedia programs for children in the Gulf. Our mission is to create original Arabic content that is educative and entertaining to children and supports the development of their full potential. Through Bidaya Media initiatives, we envision children who are unified by their culture, religion and heritage, emboldened with scientific curiosity and know-how, enjoy strong social support networks, and geared with the knowledge and skills to become leaders within their communities and guide the future development of the Gulf.

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