Meet our team

The Bidaya Media team comprises experts in education, psychology, media and information technology who utilize imagery and audio-visual effects to effectively communicate educational messages and objectives to young children.

Board Of Directors

Hisham Malak Chairman, Bidaya Media

Hisham has 20 years of experience across various industries . Currently is the Head of Treasury and Investor Relations at Mubadala Investment Company

Adib Mattar Board Member - Head of Private Equity - Mubadala

Adib joined Mubadala in 2008 and is the Head of Private Equity for Mubadala Capital and a member of the Mubadala Capital Investment Committee. He is a Fellow at the Aspen Institute.

Dr. Cairo Arafat Managing Director

Over 15 years of experience working with Sesame Workshop and was the Education and Research Director for 5 seasons.

Our Team

Dr. Fatima Al Breiki Head of Arabic Language

Specialized expert in rhetorical criticism and heads the Arabic Language Department at UAEU.

Ammar Al Sabban Creative Content Manager | Master Pupeteer

A professional puppeteer, puppet builder and voice actor. He is the Creative Content Manager and Master Puppeteer at Bidaya

Rula Khadra Education and Research Coordinator

Support the preparation of the content of educational outreach materials

RamyYounan Finance and Operations Director

All tasks related to Finance- budgeting, financial reports, planning, Accounting -accounts payable, accounts receivable. Etc.

Asma Al Shamsi Public Relations and Events Coordinator

Handles public relations through establishing contacts with relevant education, culture, media, children, and social programs and activities. Represent Bidaya at public events, press events and in shows directly dealing with the media.

Elyan Mouarkesh Producer

Production of Iftah Ya Simsim audiovisual content from preproduction to postproduction. Develop and manage production of Bidaya Media new projects.

Abdullah Rafaah Puppeteer/ Social Media Coordinator

Abdullah is one of the main human characters on Iftah Ya Simsim, playing the role of Rashid as well as the puppeteering of “Elmo”.

Ramzi Baramki Director of Business Development

Identify and develop strategic partnerships with partners and potential sponsors ensuring the marketing of Iftah Ya Simsim and other educational content while ensuring sustainability for the program.

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